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My Name In Black & White

I have been extremely busy over the past couple of weeks so forgive me for not updating my blog as often as I should be doing. I have been juggling university work with my two new writing jobs. I am now a blogger for Grads.co.uk and a book reviwer at Good Vibrations Magazine. They are… Continue reading My Name In Black & White


Say Hello To Theo

I know this isn't writing related but I want to share with you all a picture of a new addition to my family. His name is Theodore and he is absolutely adorable! He is 8 weeks old and full of energy. Everybody say awwwwwww šŸ™‚


‘The Civil Wars’ By The Civil Wars Album Review

The Civil Wars release, what could be their last album. The album is a beautiful collection of organic arrangements, radiant vocals and heart-rending lyrics. Itā€™s the perfect ā€˜break-upā€™ album. I first discovered this duo when their song If I Didn't Know Better was featured on the pilot episode of the US TV show Nashville. They… Continue reading ‘The Civil Wars’ By The Civil Wars Album Review


Delicate Flower

Delicate, white flower. Untouched by fear. Lost in paradise. The sky is clear. Floating on the surface of blue. Delicate flower absorbs the view. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Rain is declining from misty grey. DarknessĀ steals the light of day. Delicate flower trapped in storm.… Continue reading Delicate Flower


White Butterfly

Elegant symbol catches the light. Ready to soar. Wings expanding. Flooded with freedom. Any place is home. Partners with blue Friends with green. One second to admire her beauty. One minute later you remember her. The white queen of nature. Restricted creature, that blossomed one day. The white queen of the sky. Playful, she seeks… Continue reading White Butterfly