Life Is About Balance


Diagnosis, On A Sunday Morning

Monotonous Coughing, spluttering. Sirens of babies, whimper. Chairs lined up like soldiers in the hospital white. Diagnosis, on a Sunday morning. Waiting, Aching, Waiting, Watching. Lights dim, low music soothes. Disinfectant fumes, burn my morning eyes. Blood, Bandages and Boredom. Tonsils need attention but the young before the old. Anxious toddler cries, the clock pushes… Continue reading Diagnosis, On A Sunday Morning


A Sunday Afternoon

I sit here, enjoying the peaceful tranquillity of the woods. Silence, almost. Only the symphony of bird song is with me here. I feel nature and it's presence all around me: I feel liberated. I feel free. Lost in the woods with a notebook and pen and I can write about everything I see, hear,… Continue reading A Sunday Afternoon