Colour Me Calm: The Adult Colouring Book Craze

We all remember the joy that colouring books brought to us when we were small, our parents would give us a colouring book and some crayons and we would stay quiet for hours, focusing on staying in the lines, with our tongues sticking out and wrinkles on our forehead. Unfortunately, as we turn into adults we… Continue reading Colour Me Calm: The Adult Colouring Book Craze


Waiting & Wishing

I'm always wishing for something or thinking about something I want. I know that I should appreciate what I already have but sometimes, I find myself stuck in an endless cycle of negativity and hopelessness. I'm tired of struggling. I just want everything to happen. Right now. I don't want to wait any longer. I'm… Continue reading Waiting & Wishing


Occupied, As I Wait

Hooded figures, emerge as daylight disappears. Dissatisfied with ice-cold steel to sit upon. Waiting, eyes darting. Is that the one? No. Thudding beats – individual ears. Sheeted glass walls, freshly black paint fumes. I study a young girl half naked in the winter months. Screeching, crying at her cold-hearted boyfriend. Like a lioness, a mother… Continue reading Occupied, As I Wait