Blog Writing Challenge: Time in our hands (A poem about life)

time inourhands.jpg
(A poem about life – Blog writing challenge)

We hold time in our hands,
The soft ticking continues as the day unfolds.
The memories manifest, creating a kaleidoscope of good and bad.
Colours blend as day ends and night begins.
Twenty-four hours, many spent sleeping, rushing, worrying,
not enough wondering, creating, expressing or loving.
Slowly spinning as the past meets the present and the present meets the future.


Girl In Yellow


Livestock rushing
thirty degrees.
Overpopulated streets,
American phrases.

I can feel the warmth
on my curious face.

In the moment,
in the moment.

Hit in the shoulder,
I fall to the concrete.

Mannerisms or just plain rudeness?

It’s almost time for
the light to start sleeping.

Night crawls through the clouds.
Electricity overload, blinding my eyes.

Anything can happen here.

Apart from getting a taxi cab,
still mastering lingo.

New, in New York.
Sticking out like a girl in yellow.

Feet. Firmly. Planted.

Lost in the blur of madness,
I ask a stranger for my save.