Writer's Life

The Muse Has Returned

For a while now I have been leaving my novel alone, not intentionally of course. I've been avoiding writing all together. I don't know why I do it. I love to write. I feel better when I write. I ignore my compulsion to write. Why do I depriving myself of it? I've figured something out… Continue reading The Muse Has Returned



Feet curl over the edge of the cliff, close to flying ready to soar, heart of a drum. Anticipation brews in my sinking stomach. Time is a flutter: the future is impending. Success is sickly sweet but love is my greatest accomplishment so far. The rest will come. The fog will clear and I will… Continue reading Impending


Foreign Words

My eyes are derelict. Infant and fresh. Absorbing foreign words, foreign faces. My mother tongue, tangled, twisted, amongst vowels of confusion. Their faces shine with welcoming eyes. A barrier present, cold and strange. Muttering, handshakes, kisses – swapped and selected. Twist of culture, language and value. Holland. 60 minutes by plane. 60 differences from home.… Continue reading Foreign Words


Street Corners

Caution lurks behind every street corner. In the early morn. Dusty blue and sapphire ignite, forming patterns in the sky. Panting heart quickens. Racing even, mimicking dangers that - Do. Not. Exist. Heightened fear in the darkness. Over the bridge, water resembles – thick, black liquid. Slithering away. Opaque Ambiguous. Reflecting the light of the… Continue reading Street Corners


Delicate Flower

Delicate, white flower. Untouched by fear. Lost in paradise. The sky is clear. Floating on the surface of blue. Delicate flower absorbs the view. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Rain is declining from misty grey. Darkness steals the light of day. Delicate flower trapped in storm.… Continue reading Delicate Flower



Turning the corner alone, you left behind. A daughter whose words were wise and kind. Ripping apart all that is known. Now all that is left is skin and bone. The heart will heal, but respect is lost. Change can have an unforgivable cost. Desires of the future will never be the same. The flickering light dims on the family flame. The tie was love,… Continue reading Forgive


White Butterfly

Elegant symbol catches the light. Ready to soar. Wings expanding. Flooded with freedom. Any place is home. Partners with blue Friends with green. One second to admire her beauty. One minute later you remember her. The white queen of nature. Restricted creature, that blossomed one day. The white queen of the sky. Playful, she seeks… Continue reading White Butterfly



Waiting for the train to arrive. Page waiting to be turned. A freshly printed novel. Waiting to be desired by wise eyes. A canvas of white, longing for colour. Patches of fresh white snow unmarked by nature. Waiting for the rain to fall. A gathering of clouds aiming their sights on the last patch of blue. Anticipation.… Continue reading Waiting


Southern Sun

Hitting the cold pavement with my flip-flops. Southern sun. Beating down on my pale exterior. Soft whispers in the wind, tranquillity, warmth. Waves reaching toes of joyful children. Hospitality exchanged. Strangers have welcoming smiles. Trees hold hands, cooling shadows. Birds awake with the sea. Traveller eyes. I explore. Corner to corner. Brick by brick. Buildings… Continue reading Southern Sun


Girl In Yellow

Livestock rushing thirty degrees. Overpopulated streets, American phrases. I can feel the warmth on my curious face. In the moment, in the moment. Hit in the shoulder, I fall to the concrete. Mannerisms or just plain rudeness? It’s almost time for the light to start sleeping. Night crawls through the clouds. Electricity overload, blinding my… Continue reading Girl In Yellow