New Year, New Adventures

At the beginning of every year, I set myself new goals to achieve, list a few things I want to change about my life and reflect on the year that has passed. This year, I hope to change the direction of my career, spend more time doing the things I love and improve my health… Continue reading New Year, New Adventures



Feet curl over the edge of the cliff, close to flying ready to soar, heart of a drum. Anticipation brews in my sinking stomach. Time is a flutter: the future is impending. Success is sickly sweet but love is my greatest accomplishment so far. The rest will come. The fog will clear and I will… Continue reading Impending


Family Fire

Stuck in the middle, of the endless lies. Taking sides and the secrets arise. Worrying about your faded smile. Wanting to see you make life worthwhile. Afraid of the future, what it will be. Not wanting unhappiness or a broken family. Be careful of the choices that you desire. Or risk taming the flames of… Continue reading Family Fire