Colour Me Calm: The Adult Colouring Book Craze

We all remember the joy that colouring books brought to us when we were small, our parents would give us a colouring book and some crayons and we would stay quiet for hours, focusing on staying in the lines, with our tongues sticking out and wrinkles on our forehead. Unfortunately, as we turn into adults we… Continue reading Colour Me Calm: The Adult Colouring Book Craze



Pulsating head/ticking in the heat. Boredom prevails my thoughts/ With the monotonous typing... typing/ Overworked Eyes/ Dart across the white. Waiting for a dictionary /to fall from my mind. Procrastination creeping in/ like a sunrise in the sky.

Writer's Life

Writing, Kindles & Summer Boredom

Happy Sunday 🙂 I gathered it was time for another post and because it's a Sunday and I'm really bored here it goes.. First of all I want to mention that I am now a kindle user - never thought that would happen! At first I was against the idea and believed that reading an actual… Continue reading Writing, Kindles & Summer Boredom