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To Live Will Be An Awfully Big Adventure.


Waiting & Wishing

I'm always wishing for something or thinking about something I want. I know that I should appreciate what I already have but sometimes, I find myself stuck in an endless cycle of negativity and hopelessness. I'm tired of struggling. I just want everything to happen. Right now. I don't want to wait any longer. I'm… Continue reading Waiting & Wishing

Yoga Poses

Yoga Pose Of The Day: Mountain Pose

English Name: Mountain Pose Sanskrit Name: Tadasana Yoga Level: 1 Benefits: Tadasana is a standing pose, it can improve posture, strengthen thighs, knees and ankles, reduce flat feet, it can firm the abdomen and buttocks and can relieve sciatica. How to do it: Mountain Pose seems like an easy pose but there is definitely more… Continue reading Yoga Pose Of The Day: Mountain Pose

Writer's Life

Dream Big Or Don’t Dream At All.

I think this is the most confident I have ever felt about my writing. I currently have 8,000 words of my first novel drafted, it doesn't sound a lot compared to the 80,000 word mark I am hoping to achieve but for me it is a big accomplishment. I tend to bore easily with my… Continue reading Dream Big Or Don’t Dream At All.


Speak Now Album Review

Well, it's almost time for Miss Taylor Swift to announce her new album title for her fourth album! There's not much on the album yet but rumours say that the America's sweetheart will be dropping her album sometime in autumn 2012... Speak now is her third album... Lets reflect back to October 2010, the 25th… Continue reading Speak Now Album Review