Nashville In Concert Review

On a rainy Monday night in Manchester, the stars of the hit American TV show Nashville brought sunshine as they graced the stage to sing. The spotlight shone on the stage as Chris Carmack (Will Lexington) kicked off the show with 'What If I Was Willing.' The atmosphere in the beautiful Bridgewater Hall was electric,… Continue reading Nashville In Concert Review


Speak Now Album Review

Well, it's almost time for Miss Taylor Swift to announce her new album title for her fourth album! There's not much on the album yet but rumours say that the America's sweetheart will be dropping her album sometime in autumn 2012... Speak now is her third album... Lets reflect back to October 2010, the 25th… Continue reading Speak Now Album Review


True Blood Review

True blood is a blood thirsty TV series you can really sink your teeth into -- no pun intended! It's an original series that really differs from the typical supernatural shows... I started watching True Blood when my friend at university recommended it to me. I've never been a fan of this vampire phenomenon but… Continue reading True Blood Review