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Time Is Ticking… I Better Start Typing

I was given three weeks to complete all of my work and I thought this was enough time. I don't think time management is one of my strongest skills but I decided to create a schedule but it just didn't work out. I hated the restrictions I was setting myself and I wanted to do… Continue reading Time Is Ticking… I Better Start Typing


The City That Never Sleeps

Overcast sky, luminous lights. Kinetic energy, Silhouette heights. Livestock rushing, around in the heat. Camera's clicking, rushing to Wall street. Broadway symphony, TV colours explode. A Yellow blur of taxis, fight for the road. Skyscrapers standing, proud, side by side. No sense of direction, only intuition as my guide. (Part of my poetry portfolio -… Continue reading The City That Never Sleeps



The lagoon of water shimmers in the moonlight. The trees whisper as they lean into the well-lit pathway, that I walk on this Summer's eve. On the other side, people sit and talk under the stars. Refreshments and entertainment. The best spot to enjoy the air, the water, the symphony of crickets. Resting there is… Continue reading Home

Book Reviews

Life Of Pi – Yann Martel – Book Review

I have to say that I am disappointed after reading Life of Pi. My university lecturer recommended this book to our class and since its cinema release was so popular, I thought it would be an amazing read. I haven't seen the film because I prefer to read the book first and create my own… Continue reading Life Of Pi – Yann Martel – Book Review