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Time Is Ticking… I Better Start Typing

I was given three weeks to complete all of my work and I thought this was enough time. I don’t think time management is one of my strongest skills but I decided to create a schedule but it just didn’t work out. I hated the restrictions I was setting myself and I wanted to do what work I felt like doing instead of doing what I wrote in a timetable. Now I have eight days to finish my 30 page script, my personal development plan, add more poems to my 15 poem portfolio, add 1000 words to my 2000 word short story and at least start my 3000 word report.

I feel like my head is going to explode! I know I have another week but I feel like I haven’t got enough time. It’s not like I haven’t done any work. I have been doing little bits of each piece every single day. Maybe this wasn’t enough. I just can’t wait to get all of these assignments in and then I have a few weeks left of this term then it’s summer! That thought scares me too because I have no plans or job as of yet. I am trying to complete all of this work in time but I don’t think I am going to do it. The good thing is they are not all due in the first day I go back so I have a little time.

The main focus is my 30 page script because that assignment is in first and so far I have 11 pages that I am happy with. I am very surprised with my patience with writing this script. I am out of my comfort zone but I am enjoying writing for this medium. It makes a refreshing change from short story writing,. something I am more familiar with. I really need to pull it together. I’m sure I can do it! Time is ticking.. I better start typing!


The City That Never Sleeps

Overcast sky,
luminous lights.

Kinetic energy,
Silhouette heights.

Livestock rushing,
around in the heat.

Camera’s clicking,
rushing to Wall street.

Broadway symphony,
TV colours explode.

A Yellow blur of taxis,
fight for the road.

Skyscrapers standing,
proud, side by side.

No sense of direction,
only intuition as my guide.

(Part of my poetry portfolio – first draft)



The lagoon of water
shimmers in the moonlight.
The tree
s whisper as they
lean into the well-lit pathway,
that I walk on this Summer’s eve.

On the other side, people sit
and talk under the stars.
Refreshments and entertainment.
The best spot to enjoy the air,
the water, the symphony of crickets.

Resting there is a boat, tired from the
aching journey it endured before night fell.
My feet are aching in the same way,
I am almost at the end of the pathway.

Peace and serenity here differs from
the hustle and bustle in the centre of town.
Cute, familiar houses sitting on the water edge.
Walking down the large, stone steps.
I see my house in the distance.

Looking back at the water,
the trees and the stars.
I am home and nothing
compares to the feeling.

(First draft of a poem for my portfolio)

Book Reviews

Life Of Pi – Yann Martel – Book Review

I have to say that I am disappointed after reading Life of Pi. My university lecturer recommended this book to our class and since its cinema release was so popular, I thought it would be an amazing read. I haven’t seen the film because I prefer to read the book first and create my own interpretation before watching the film.

The story is about a young Indian boy who is a castaway in the Pacific ocean. Hungry to survive he has to do whatever it takes, including avoiding the 450-pound Bengal tiger named Richard Parker on board. The story is in three parts, the first is about his family, his background and his love for the animals at the zoo. The first part is also based around religion. The second part is the Pacific ocean and his struggle to survive and the very last part is about how no one believes his astonishing story.

I think the first part was very descriptive and I love the imagery that the author paints when Pi is describing the zoo that he lives in. It was a little tedious at times because I found myself wanting to skip it all to the actual adventure. The author doesn’t fail with language, he uses an excellent tone throughout the novel but I feel that he lets the reader down with his plot. I feel like it could have been a little stronger.

At some point, I think I was half way through, I put the book down and couldn’t be bothered to read the rest. I had to ‘make’ myself finish it. I don’t like doing this because then reading becomes a chore and not a pleasure. The ending also confused me. When Pi is telling his story to the two men at the end, he gives them another story – something completely different to the one we have just been told and he asks them ‘Which story do you prefer?’ Leading up to that sentence I was confused and as a reader a little fed up. I just wanted to rush the book and finish it. I also found myself skipping paragraphs because the author rambles on a little bit too much. Now I have read it. I wonder if I should have watched the film first. With it being such a visual book, I would have hoped that the film could shed some light on the grey areas that I found hard to understand.

Overall, I give the book three stars and that is me being generous. It would have been two but because of the complexity of the language, I cannot fault the author on that, I gave it three. I do recommend this book to someone who has the attention span to really get to root of the story but for me it is just a book that will gather dust on my bookshelf and I doubt that I will pick it up and read it again.

Rating – 3 stars