Impossible & Possible Dreams

When we are little we have wide eyes when it comes to the world around us.. Eyes that are full of wonder and unimaginable possibilities like being a princess, an astronaut or a film star. But we grow out of these impossible dreams and start to wonder about the possible dreams we can reach. We… Continue reading Impossible & Possible Dreams


Learning To Move On

The frosty air is icy cold against my skin; it must be time for winter once again. I walk down a familiar street. I have my scarf wrapped around my neck and earmuffs protecting my ears from the howling wind. I try and look ahead but the pressure of the wind is gushing against my… Continue reading Learning To Move On


Unexpected Situations.

So yesterday something unexpected happened. I guess I finally realised how horrible some people can be. I mean what sort of person would purposefully hurt someone else, a stranger, someone they had never met? Well, these people exist and I am ashamed to say this person assaulted me whilst I was on the bus. I… Continue reading Unexpected Situations.


‘Red’ By Taylor Swift CD Review

"They're all pretty much about the tumultuous, crazy, insane, intense, semi-toxic relationships I've experienced in the last two years" says Swift about her new 16 track album - Red. Swift's latest album was released on October 22nd and is already a big success, selling an outstanding 1,208, 000 copies in the US in the first… Continue reading ‘Red’ By Taylor Swift CD Review


The Red Sea

The cold touch of water spreads between, my toes. Heated wind tickling my skin. In awe the horizon gleams with all of its glory, to fill the sky with such beauty, such colour, followed by darkness. Crimson, Sapphire, Charcoal – Black. A cycle of endless, change. The colours blend together like holding hands: Far beyond… Continue reading The Red Sea