Writing And Planning My Novel

I’ve had a few days off from the whole book process but it’s definitely time to start it up again. Most writers will say that free writing a first chapter is the way you should go about it. Well, I tried that. I’m more of a planner than a free thinker so I went back to my notes and decided to delve further into the actual plan before carrying on. I discovered that the reason behind my writers block is the fact that my plan wasn’t detailed enough.

I had profiles of my characters and I knew how the whole entire story should be plotted but I didn’t actually break down the chapters into events. I didn’t know what was happening in particular parts of the story, my first error. So, back to the drawing board I went through my notes. I had also made another minor mistake with the dates of the character’s actions and that had to be sorted out straight away. I now know that starting to write a book has a lot more planning involved that I ever thought. I’m going to spend time planning it to the extent I need too. I need to know my characters inside out and I need to know every action they make and everything they say in the chapters.

When I am happy with this I will carry on redrafting the first chapter. I’m new to this so I guess I will run into problems along the way. I was too eager to start the actual book, when I didn’t have a good plan as a foundation. Thought I would keep people updated with the challenge of writing my first book. I’m going to be making blogs often like this one. Sometimes it will be a random thought of the day, nothing to do with my book at all and sometimes I will go into much further detail with what is happening. Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

By anotherbeautifulrhyme

Emma-Jane, 28, writer, poet, project leader of the First Line Poets Project. My bestselling poetry collection Darkness & Light is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Pothi.

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